Summer Camp

Polynesia - Camp 2017

A voyage through time to visit the nomadic ocean travelers of the Pacific Islands.

Campers learn about the history, arts, traditions, and beliefs of the ancient Polynesian World. Becoming a nomad of the sea, campers will build their own wa'apa (outrigger canoe) and prepare for their own brave voyage.

    Sample Schedule


    • Ancient Island Life:
    • Hal'e (housing), clothes &
    • making a personal "tiki."
    • Introduction to the "Wa'apa"
    • Lunch / Recess
    • Swim at Limington Rips & Island Exploration


    • Beginning building the "Pikao" (hull)
    • Shaping a "ho'e" (paddle)
    • Island Histories: Voyager stories
    • Lunch / Recess
    • Swim at Pleasant Point (parent pick up)


    • Tiki-Taboo-Tattoo (Language & Story Writing)
    • "Pikao" assembly, sanding, and painting
    • Clay Oven Lunch / Recess
    • River swim at the Saco.


    • Finish the "ho'e"
    • Continue Wa'apa Work /attach the "Ama"
    • Lunch / Recess
    • Finish the Wa'apa & seat plank
    • Local swim & preparation for the feast.
    • Preparation for the theatrical rituals:
    • "Islander Voyages of Polynesia"
    • Family Entertainment & Feast at 5:30pm


    • Final preparations for the Wa'apa MuseumTour & Slide Show at 1pm
    • Launch the Wa'apa on the lake!