Sustainable Living Center

The vision for the barn structure itself coincides with the educational program opportunities that will be housed within. Plans for the barn are that it becomes a self-sufficient structure including passive and active solar collection systems, a composting toilet, rainwater collection, solar well pump, and a grey water treatment system. There is a large garden, adjacent to the barn and a green house is planned to extend the growing season, and to house hydroponic plants and fish tanks. Beyond the garden a sugar house/sauna is also planned with a gravity fed sap system tapping the Maple trees uphill.

Down back, just beyond the new chicken coop housing 30 layers, a woods road leads to a “to-be-dug” pond, stocked with trout and forest trees will continue to be harvested for the 3+cord firewood used in the winter. Finally, a long-term plan may include the barn becoming a “low-impact lifestyle guesthouse / retreat center”. This would provide the public with additional experiences in living more simply.